About Partyfess

We are Partyfess and not Partyfest. Partyfess is a website where you can stop asking people "Dude where's the party at tonight?" By simply logging into the website, you can find all the events that are going on tonight, tomorrow, upcoming, and even in the past in such cites like Miami, South Beach, Broward, and West Plam Beach. The type of events that we help promote are party, nightclubs, concerts, art galleries, festivals, and any thing else where there are fun and people. And not only that you can find and search for events but you can also meet and socialize with people.

Promoters: Why You Should Use Partyfess

1. With our growing visitors, many of people log into the site searching for party in Miami. Thereby instead of paying a lot of money for flyers and a street team to have your flyers passed out (which mostly end up in the trash) you can just simple post your events for a small fee and have it displayed many people.

2. The check in feature: You can keep a count of all the people who checked in your event you posted in Miami to give you a better estimate of how many people are expected to come. For example, if you are throwing an event at club _____ and it is a week away, and you desperately need to figure out how many bottles you need to supply. simply going to the website you can figure a close estimate of how many people can have checked in. Also with the check in feature you do not have to have your loyal guests pissed off waiting in line just to make it seem like your event is pack. The check in feature will display your head count to people which give them the option of coming to a pack club.

3. With Partyfess we made promoting your event more simple and fast. We you have post your event on the site, we added buttons where you can share you event on all the social website such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. So there is no reason why you should logo in Facebook and promote you event many times then go to Twitter and do the same thing, when you can just stay at one spot and click the Share, Like, and Tweet button. And the great thing about this is that anyone can use these and promote for you. Also we integrated our comment feature with these social sites so that we someone comment on the event it is automatically posted on these site, which gives you free promotion without you lifting a finger.

4. The most important reason why you should consider using us is that we are here for you and we plan to add more amazing features soon to help promote and run your events. Stay in tune.

Party People: Why You Should Use PartyFess

1. The most important reason why you should use us is that we make it easy for you to find events. Have you ever wanted to celebrate something or just wanted to go out but don't know where? Well by going to Partyfess you can find all the events in your local area. You can also find and plan for upcoming events. Let's just say that your birthday is coming up and you want to buy a bottle and a table at the club that you always hear on the radio. You can find the event on Partyfess and get the booking information and resevre a table with them.

2. Have you ever spent a lot of money to get inside an event and it is dead? Depressing huh? You work hard for your money and you should have a good time spending it. Well with the check in feature you can check in and see how many people are either at the event or planned to come to the event. Let's just say that there are two clubs next to each other and the line outside the club is about the same ( most events will actually have people waiting outside of the club to make it seem that they are pack inside when they really are not). The price to get into the club is about the same too but you don't know which one to go to. Well also with the check in feature you can see which club have the most people checking in at and actually see the type of people that have checked in.

3. If you are at the event, you can check out the people who have checked in and send a message to someone who you are attracted to. Or vice versa, if you are in a pack event and see someone far away in the distance you can check to see if he or she checked in and talk to that person. On the other hand, you might get a message from someone who might be attracted to you.

4. We are also here for you. We will be added more features to make going out to an event more enjoyable, fast, and informative.

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